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Re: Interbeing/Circumcision

From:Padraic Brown <agricola@...>
Date:Thursday, February 28, 2002, 22:29
Am 28.02.02, Aidan Grey yscrifef:

> > > >Though, it's actually, NOT YOU, but Mr. Padraic Brown and Mr. Aidan Grey, > >who need to apologise. I'm absolutely sure you didn't intend to raise this > >flaming war.
Thank you, Aidan. I wasn't even _thinking_ of any of the several religions that practice this thing. I was thinking more along the lines of Average Americans's entirely secular barbarity. I won't discuss my views on the religions that do things like this publicly, for I respect the fraternal community here. Padraic.
> And what do I have to apologize for? I said I thought it was a horrible > practice, EXCEPT in the case of religion. Judaism has a good reason for > performing them, but most circumcised men aren't Jewish - hence, they were > circumcised without a religious reason. I think you should read more > carefully before you start accusing people of flaming. You have flamed far > more than either Padraig or myself did. Further, it's generally > acknowledged that if someone uses rant markers (as in Padraig's post), you > are dealing with very personal issues and shouldn't be offended if you > disagree. > > Get a clue. > > Aidan >
Gwerez dah, chee gwaz vaz, ha leal.