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Back again, with YANC

From:Keolah Kedaire <keolah@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 6, 2001, 9:45
Well, I don't quite remember when school and everything else overwhelmed
me to the point where I regretfully set this list on nomail, but I'm back
again. *waves*

I started a new conlang last September but never really did much with it,
then about a week ago I found my notes on it. It was tentatively called
"Yeishen", meaning "language" (how original). It was also intended to be a
joint project of myself and my significant other, but we both kind of
forgot about it for a few months.

So, I sat down and decided Yeishen needed an alphabet. For a change,
however, I decided to start with pictograms and evolve into a phonetic
alphabet. However, I ended up liking the pictograms, so I've kept them as
their main form of writing.

For details, see:

Yeishen has a lot of soft sounds, and completely lacks labial stops, for
one. Word order is VSO. Although I haven't yet figured out how to
conjugate the verbs with pictograms, and the phonetic alphabet is in its
infancy at the moment.

A few phrases:
shelea shi ti - "I love you"
aria ti a - "go away"
utelia di - "shut up"

Keolah the Seeker
This space intentionally left not blank.