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A small sample of Míjador

From:Mia Soderquist <tuozine@...>
Date:Sunday, June 3, 2001, 4:24
This is a Míjan joke. In this conworld, the Mahai are
island-dwellers who are mostly fishermen. The Diwe are
stereotyped as a warrior culture by the Míjan. The Soren
people are  nomads who consider the territory to the east of
the Míjan cities their homeland. (This joke was adapted from
one I got in e-mail that featured people from Idaho,
Nebraska, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.)

Utom vemex byon ídxe bo rando. Met vem ete Mahaítx. Met vem
ete Diwetx. Met vem ete Míjatx, wa met vem ete Soretx.

Ad vem Mahaítx evíse dorí fwa nen praka. Ne íxe "Nya fan
texma, fa oba helelbwan dorí. Ka gudjíya lowal dorí!" wa ne
webe ax dorí fwa ad rando.

Ad vem Diwetx evíse ujofotxa fwa nen praka. Ne íxe, "Nya fan
texma, fa oba helelbwan ujofotxe. Ka gudjíya lowal
ujofotxe!" wa ne webe nen ujofotxa fwa ad rando.

Ad ven Mahaítx wa ad vem Diwetx diwane ad vem Míjatx. Ne
webe ad vem Soretx fwa ad rando.

In English...
Four people are riding together in a wagon. One person is
Mahai. One person is Diwe. One person is Míjan, and one
person is Soren.

The Mahai person takes fish (pl) from his bag. He says "In
our country, we have too many fish. I am sick of seeing
fish!" and he throws the fish from the wagon.

The Diwe person takes a sword from his bag. He says, "In our
country, we have too many swords! I am sick of seeing
swords!" and he throws his sword from the wagon.

The Mahai person and the Diwe person inspire the Míjan
person. He throws the Soren person from the wagon.


Mia Soderquist
"Who is she that looketh forth as the morning,
 fair as the moon, clear as the sun, and
 terrible as an army with banners?" (Song 6:10)


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