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Alphabet comparison table for Latin/Greek/Cyrillic

From:Henrik Theiling <ht@...>
Date:Friday, May 11, 2007, 23:31

To help select letters for an Latin/Greek/Cyrillic (LGC) based
alphabet for a conlang, I made a table for comparison.  The goal is to
include all LGC Unicode characters from LGC without diacritics, hooks,
strokes, etc., i.e. only the basic forms, in a single table for easy
comparison of the glyph forms in order to more easily pick a subset
for the conlang.

I thought you might find it helpful, so here it is:

(Maybe I will include Armenian later, too, since I found that e.g. the
DejaVu fonts make that alphabet also fit perfectly in style.)



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