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I have an opinion! (Changing the subject)

From:David Peterson <digitalscream@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 3, 2001, 3:37
In a message dated 4/2/01 8:19:53 PM, milo@WINTERNET.COM writes:

<< I'd be very surprised if that was true about your last three, because
"compsci", "polisci" and even "scifi" predated e-mail. >>

I think I already said that people don't say "compsci" at all where I'm from,
they say "C.S.", but that's largely irrelevant.  And also, predation has
nothing to do with it.  But anyway, I was wondering.  My cognitive science
professor, the other day, mentioned that verbs code things such as tense,
aspect, person, number, mood, gender et cetera.  But they don't code things
such as the color of clothes the speaker wears, whether or not that person
ate breakfast that morning, how old that person, and other "odd" things like
that.  Hence, my question: Does anyone have any odd codings for verbs in
their language?  I, personally, have really wanted to make a language in
which you have different endings for different colors of shirts the speaker
wears, or no shirt at all (so, just by means of a verb, a female speaker co
uld make VERY interesting claims).  So, that's my (hopefully) non-insulting



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