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From:Thomas Leigh <thomas@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 17, 2002, 12:14
Hi Andrew,

I read your sketch of Zelandish in reply to Jan, and I really like it.
I'm a big fan of Germanic conlangs.

Being the incurable Frisophile (is that a word?) that I am, I noticed
that when Jan mentioned Frisian, you wrote this:

> Unfortunately I don't have a Frisian grammar, so I couldn't use that.
I thought I might take the liberty to recommend one which I have and like very much -- although I think it might be the only fairly comprehensive grammar of Frisian written in English, so perhaps there's not much choice! Anyway, the book is "Frisian Reference Grammar" by Pieter M. Tiersma, published by the Fryske Akademy, ISBN 9061718864. You can order it online from the Fryske Akademy bookshop, which I highly recommend having a browse through -- oh my, do they have some wonderful looking books for sale! Anyway, to get there you first need to go to the FA homepage at, click on "Elektroanyske Boekwinkel ", then select "Taal- en Letterkunde" as your category. The grammar comes up as book number 8 in that listing. It costs €13.50, which works out to approx. NZ$28/US$13. Well worth the investment, IMO. Hope to see more Zelandish soon! Regards Thomas


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