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OT Re: some spoilers: language and THE DAVINCI CODE

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 4, 2003, 15:07
Sally Caves wrote:
> > Gaaaah. At least say "Cryptoquotes". Solving Jumbles can be a useful > skill > > in the cryptographers toolkit, but it is not anywhere near what they > > actually do most of the time. > > And here I thought I had a second career possibility. :) >
Just remember the magic words: etaoin shrdlu
> The only clever thing about the backwards writing is that it was > slanted to the right, to make it look like left to right cursive.
I can write (cursive) backward quite easily with my left hand, than with my (dominant) right, and it's reasonably legible . I've often wondered whether Leonardo did his backwards writing with his non-dominant hand??? Does the book happen to mention that? English _recorded/spoken_ backwards-- now that is a wonderment. Sounds like Russian with a Swedish accent, or vice-versa.


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