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CXS-IPA stuff (Modified by Tristan McLeay)

From:Tristan McLeay <conlang@...>
Date:Monday, January 31, 2005, 14:52
On 31 Jan 2005, at 2.15 am, Henrik Theiling wrote:

> Hi! > > "Adrian Morgan (aka Flesh-eating Dragon)" <dragon@...> writes: >> Henrik Theiling wrote: >> >>> I just finished enhancing my CXS/IPA page a bit by face-lifting, and, >>> more importantly, by adding a small script that allows online >>> conversion between IPA and CXS (both directions) >> >> Looking at the page ... can we *please* have the comma alternative for >> secondary stress back? > > Ok, I checked that the comma it is a free character not otherwise used > by CXS and then made it an acceptable alternative in the CXS->IPA > conversion and documented it as an alternative. The main alternative > is currently still " when IPA->CXS conversion is performed. > > Since there is no collision, and , is intuitively clear due to its > similarity with IPA, I think there is problem allowing the > alternative. I found myself using it accidentally, actually. > > What do others think?
It's always been on my chart (or at least, I've always meant to have it on my chart, but I think I forgot it in the first version, and it's possible you maintain a fork of the original version). Stress markers are probably the least standardised, with everyone using what they want. Some people use ' and " some use ' and , others still (like me) prefer the original XSAMPA and go for " and % I say we should standardise it---and I vote we should all be using XSAMPA-style " and % ;) (More seriously, I'm planning on redoing my chart---I ought to investigate your site---but I might look at a non-random sample of stress use and see what's most frequent, and use that to order the new version. Hopefully I'll find that ' and " has hardly been used recently and so CXS can become CHRXS: Computer- and Human-Readable X-SAMPA. That'll show those jerks ;) who make things only computer-readable.) (This is the message I sent to Henrik which he referred to in another post. I was over my limit at the time.) -- Tristan.