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Odd phonology (was Re: Odd orthography)

From:Nik Taylor <fortytwo@...>
Date:Saturday, September 26, 1998, 5:15
Terrence Donnelly wrote:
> Do any other languages announce political or lifestyle affiliation > merely by spelling changes?
I just thought of something related: intentional mis-pronunciation. I'm sure this must occur in many other languages. For example, government /'gV.vr.mInt/ --> gumment /'gV.mInt/, where the second tends to have a negative connotation ("Damn those gumment regulations!"), rarely used for praise (?"Thanks to a gumment scholarship, he was able to finish school"), unless you're being humorous. -- "Public media should not contain explicit or implied descriptions of sex acts. Our society should be purged of the perverts who provide the media with pornographic material while pretending it has some redeeming social value under the public's 'right to know.'" - Kenneth Star, 1987 ICQ: 18656696 AOL IM: Nik Tailor Eradicate free speach on the net!