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Black English (Was: Ebonic Xmass)

Date:Thursday, January 13, 2000, 15:22
Patrick, you proved the point about Black English, though seemed
to miss it yourself.  Black English is slang.  Bad english in the
same sense as "Thanks dude." or "What's up?" is.  I do not question
its languagehood based on semantics.  I question it because it
the people who speak it have a good four-five synonyms for their
race.  Regardles of whether it *should be* considered a language
of its own right, it started being called a language out of
consideration for racial-oversensitivity.

The quality of English, by the way, should probably be determined
by how easily the rest of the country's population can understand
you.  That is:  What percentage of the country is potential
audience to a leaflet written in the English people speak in
Washington?  And what percentage can it hope to reach if it is
written in Ebonics or Black English?

PS: Ebony is a type of wood.  Ebon is the adjective for ebony.
Why ebonIC?