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Idiom of the week

From:Geoff Horswood <geoffhorswood@...>
Date:Saturday, December 8, 2007, 14:47
A while back somebody (I forget who) posted an 'idiom
du jour' and invited others to post some of their
peculiar idioms.

I liked the idea, so here is another one of mine:

Bulat lis qùs kesqenis dàill a la mande
/' lIs qy:s 'kEs.qE"ni:s d&jL a la 'ma~n.d@/
"there are lizards' tails right up to the(/my)

ie, "I'm in the middle of 1001 things, all of them
urgent and most of them annoying".

This was generated through working with my
father-in-law; a diehard workaholic if ever there was
one - he's constantly "up to my eyeballs in
alligators" as he puts it.
Ever on the lookout for a descriptive phrase, and not
wanting to pilfer it wholesale, I cast around for
something similarly apt.

Also, this idiom showcases the new Franj genitive: -ni
with front-vowels, -nu with back-vowels.  I've been
getting steadily more irritated with the language's
lack of a simple, concise genitive, so I decided to
just go ahead and break with its French ancestry and
create a Turkic-inspired genitive form.

Feel free to post your own idioms.



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