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Passover/Easter (was: Italogallic in Zera,and other

From:John Cowan <cowan@...>
Date:Friday, April 28, 2000, 19:33
yl-ruil scripsit:

> > I must track the passage down. The goddess is vanishing before my very > eyes. > > Please don't be sarcastic, I get enough of this constant badgering to > validate my beliefs at uni. I _won't_ retort with my argument that Jesus > Christ, only begotten son of the LORD God was actually a pagan himself. Why > not leave us rather inoffensive bunch alone and get back to > interdenominational wrangling?
(I find it inconceivable that Ray Brown would be sarcastic about anybody's religion, and I think you must have misunderstood him.) Anyway, here it is: "Eostermonath, qui nunc pascalis mensis interpretur, quondam a dea illorum quae Eostre vocabatur et cui in illo festa celebrabant nomen habuit." All net.sources, whether pagan, orthodox Christian, or Judaising Christian (and almost all of them violently tendentious), seem to agree that this is all we hear about Eostre from any source, except that there are surviving placenames in Germany that probably (according to Grimm) reflect the same entity. What is clear, though, is that Bede identifies Easter-month with the Roman April, which pretty much eliminates any notion of the vernal equinox. (Which of course does not mean that religions are not free to change their ritual calendars to fit the changing times and the increase of knowledge: all religions that have calendars at all, AFAIK, have done so.) -- John Cowan I am a member of a civilization. --David Brin