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Re : (LONG) Sketch by a novice, please criticize/help/flame/etc

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Date:Monday, September 13, 1999, 19:48
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 13/09/99 19:47:44  , Paul a =E9crit :

> Here is an up-to-date sketch of a foetal conlang (work in progress, not a=20
> for > zygotes!) that I've been monkeying around with for a while on and off > =20 > Please post any and all comments, especially as regards my horrendous and > probably inconsistent terminology.
i feel like you captured the essential concepts of speech (essential aspects, attributive links, discourse markers, etc.). detailing "usual asset= s" from "item one produces" etc. shows you have earnestly introspected the most important features of language for a long time with humble heart, beyond conventional and sterile categories. it is no common navelistic but a very wise and admirably structured conlang. BTW did you ever read an inuktitut grammar ? mathias