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Re: C-15: Welsh-based

From:Joe <joe@...>
Date:Sunday, October 17, 2004, 19:10
Rodlox wrote:

> I've started work on C-15 (since nobody responded to the updates about >C-14, which I don't mind, really)...which I'm basing on pronouns in my >Welsh/English Dictionary. > > please factor that detail into your responses. :) > (please have responses...I actually like this...but my attention span isn't >helping...oooh shiny!) :) > > {Hippocrene Practical Dictionary; Welsh-English English-Welsh Dictionary; >by D. Geraint Lewis} > >C-15 possesses infixing(?) pronouns as prefixes. > >English >Welsh >C-15 > > >you >chi, chwi, ti, di >ji / jhi, jwi, tii, dii > > >
If by <j> you mean [dZ], I don't find it particularly likely, since <ch> is [x].
>your >eich, dy >eij, dyy > > >
Here, <y> is [@], so unlikely, I think, to be lengthened.
>yours >eiddoch, chi, eiddot_ti >eiddoj, ji, eiddottii > >yourself >eich_hunain, dy_hun >eijhunain, dyyhun > >my >fy >fyy > > >
same applies as with 'dy'.