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Re: numbers from your conlangs (by:Javier BF)

From:Javier BF <uaxuctum@...>
Date:Tuesday, December 16, 2003, 21:21
>Hi Javier > >I'm collecting numbers from various languages. >I politely ask you send me numbers from 1-10 in your conlangs. >Thank you for your assistance! >Janko Gorenc.
Hi, Janko I'd like to offer you the numbers of my conlangs, but neither of the two projects I'm working in has them defined yet. Well, it looks like the right time to assign words to numbers in one of them, a con-auxlang which is currently in a middle stage of developing its grammar in abstract terms but that still lacks the assignation of most words except for a few items. The other project is even more ambitious: the development of a whole family of conlangs from its very beginning, an idea I got while reading about hypothetical reconstructions of Proto-World. I have the basic ideas as for how the proto-grammar would work, but I haven't set on a proto-sound system yet, which is the first step to start building the vocabulary. The names of numbers would most probably appear as derivatives from the words referring to "finger" and "hand". Although I plan to develop different number systems as the languages evolve and separate from the mother proto-conlang, because the final goal is to have an array of conlangs that look as unrelated as, say, Quechua, Arabic, Latin and Chinese but that in fact share a "demonstrable" and "documented" common origin. Cheers, Javier