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YUM requests (was Re: OT members' ages (was Re: OBNatlang: German Pronunciation))

From:Vladimir Vysotsky <trivee@...>
Date:Thursday, September 4, 2003, 7:47
>> otherwise known as "Yer Ugly >> Mug",
Sorry for offtopic, but Is it me, or is the Gates mugshot so prominently present on every page kind of irritating? It's not a logo, because it's too big for a logo (325x227), and it's a photo of a man who is disliked by many and has very little to do with conlanging. If I were designing the YUM, I might leave Bill on the index page, but remove him from other pages, especially from profile.php, or replace with a much smaller (1/6th or so) thumbnail. Functionality-wise: form-based search in a database of 64 records doesn't make a lot of sense, since browsing-based manual search is much easier. However, browsing only sorts the records by number (or YUM join date), which is rather irrelevant. I would add more browsing links, to get lists by Name, Country, Age, Conlang Join Date, etc. They would have shortcut links ("C" for names starting with C, "Age 30-35", "Member of the Communist Party since 1917", er, I mean, member of Conlang since, and so on.) Vladimir PS. Iain, if necessary, I could help with PHP programming...


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