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NGL: Nemo ho'ol Feci

From:Gerald Koenig <jlk@...>
Date:Tuesday, September 22, 1998, 1:45
> >Stephen DeGrace > >P.S.: The way I like to look at it, there are practically speaking, >three dialects of NGL until certain votes take place; Tokcir, Jack's >dialect, using Jack's morphemes and verb system with some PVS; >Zumirtok, my dialect, using Jack's morphemes with a somewhat different >idiom, and employing principally PVS with some traditional; and >Nilhnga which uses VT and has not adopted a vocabulary or idiom. The >above apology/appeal is written in Zumirtok, which should for the most >part be mutually intelligible with Tokcir.
Well nilenga is just my entry into the naming contest initiated by Julian for the whole language. It's not that nilenga uses VT, I don't have a language to go with VT. VT fits into any language. Perhaps that's why I am willing to wait for other entrants into the vocabulary category. Or wait until Tokcir-Zumirtok breaks out of the straightjacket it has put on. I don't enjoy expressing myself in a restricted vocabulary. But I totally respect you for giving life to this project by using it to the fullest, exploring its limits, and continually adding to it.
> >In essence I apologise for my behaviour in questioning the vector >system, which has already been agreed upon I understand,...
Well vector tense is just one of the candidates on an equal footing with PVS or Jack's neo-latin forms. It did receive some favorable comments but that doesn't mean that you can't criticise or reject it until and if it is ratified by a vote. and apologise
>for my giving into frustration, but implore that the vector system >needs to be tested in real use; there are many ways one can express an >idea, but only a certain limited number are usable in human language. >An innovative idea must not only be demonstrated to be, well, >innovative, it must also prove itself in use, as NGL seeks not only to >be innovative, but also to be usable as a first language for real >human beings. It must be practical above all.
I agree with that as well. I would be the first to drop Vtense if I believed it was impractical. In fact that's my main concern with Jack's proposed morphems. So far I have seen too much agglutination, too many arcane forms, and too much expansion in the syllable counts in his lyrics translations. And frankly I get just as bogged down learning PVS as you do with Vector. But my mind is still open on these issues. I don't think we should adopt anything that is not an improvement on English. An improvement in clarity, or conciseness, or regularity, or beauty, or expressiveness, whatever. There are reasons beyond imperialism and science that english is so widely used. Change for the sake of novelty is not my style. The first proposals are not necessarily the best proposals. If we are to clone proven tense systems such as latin or the English AUX ones, they must also be improved, or what is the point? There is always a risk with innovation. If you want to test VT, be my guest. I have tried Jack's simple system and found it wanting. I believe yours is equivalent to English. Truly, Gerald Koenig ------------------------- One man, one vote.
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