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Cornomerus, if you're going to criticize what I've written - and you have a couple good points - I would appreciate more than that

From:Robert Jung <robertmjung@...>
Date:Sunday, December 14, 2003, 21:35
Costentine Cornomerus,

If you don't even bother reading this whole post, it doesn't really matter to me;
just please, please be a little nicer about it.

I hope I've spelled your name right - sorry if I didn't.

But besides that... After your very cold and sarcastic response to my rant I would
appreciate it if you gave me the address for that alt.politic group. I'd like
to get some of that kind of thing off my chest. And Conlang (unfortunately for
you) is the 'best' place to go - lots of smart people. It was the wrong place
to go, but the only one.

And I doubt you really thought about it - what I wrote, I mean. If you did you
would've said something of more help.

And I *did* remember to put OT before it; so you can't blame me on that one. And
at least I titled it properly, so people wouldn't read it without knowing what
it was at first sight...

But never mind that; your post seemed like you don't care about what happened -
that politics doesn't matter. It was _extremely_ sarcastic. You could have been
a bit _more_ the opposite of sarcastic (what is it?).

And your comments are not welcome either, because they don't help me in my quest
to see what people's opinions are. I just added it to thank people for reading
my rant :) which you evidently did, but without the proper understanding -

Have fun thinking up new sarcastic and cold remarks,


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