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Linguistic contributions to Montreiano

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Friday, November 10, 2000, 7:25
I'm working on what languages I want to contribute to Montreiano
(loanwords mostly, well, proably the only influence they have), and I'm
thinking of using words from the Costanoan tribe that used to inhabit the
Monterey Peninsula when the Spanish arrived. The tribe are the Rumsen. I
pick them to be the source of the Costanoan loan words because they live
where the city of Montrei was established.

As for what Rumsen contributes, I think some of it will be plant names,
names for specific tools they use, things like that. I sent a request for
a Rumsen dictionary in Spanish and English through interlibrary loan, so i
dont know exactly what words will be in it that I can use until it gets
here. Hopefully there will be some good words I can borrow.  Incidentally,
supposedly the word "abalone" comes from Rumsen (supposedly, my dictionary
doenst know what the source is (well, where the Spanish got the word, but
I wouldnt be surprised, it's a fairly common shellfish you find in the
waters near Monterey, and there's huge piles of abalone shells around the
Monterey Peninsula where the indigenous people used to prepare the abalone
they caught)).

Anyway, there will be words from Italian, French, Chinese (i want to have
the Chinese set up villages in Montrei as they did in our timeline in
Monterey), perhaps English also. Of course, Montreiano-ized :).

Back to the Coastanoans. I saw on a site devoted to the Coastanoans, an
image showing the areas of the different tribes
( There are quite
a few in a very small area. I assume speaking different dialects (note:
it's a hypothetical reconstruction of tribal areas, but probably correct
for the most part):

Just to show how many there were...

Around the bay there were: Rumesen, Locuyusta In Calendaruc (my hometown
actually lies within their former territory), Tiuvta In Calendaruc,
Aptos/Cajastaca, Uypi

Immediately surrounding them inland there were the: Sayante, Chalotaca,
Pitac/Chitactac, Unjaima, Motsun, Ensen

Quite a large number of tribes, and it's only showing the southern
Costanoan tribes (the Coastanoans extend all the way to Clear Lake in the
north which is the northern limits of Montrei), and a small number of
Yokut tribes. I was quite happy to discover there is a Rumsen dictionary
out there. There's just about nothing on Rumsen (it's extinct, sadly).
Rumsen is in the Miwok-Costanoan branch of Penutian.


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