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Betreft: Re: Shorthand

From:Rob Nierse <rnierse@...>
Date:Thursday, November 4, 1999, 11:06
I won't sent GIFs anymore.
I just changed of software, I was unaware of the fact that there are no =
line ends.
I'll try to solve it.

>>> Irina Rempt-Drijfhout <ira@...> 11/04 11:56 >>>
On Thu, 4 Nov 1999, Rob Nierse wrote: ... something that could be interesting, if only ... Sorry, but if you neglect line ends and attach huge GIFs I delete your messages without even looking what you're writing. It's much better to press Enter every 70 characters or so if you can't teach your software to take care of that, and to invite people to ask for pictures and send them privately instead of burdening the list with them if you don't have a web page. I for one can't see pictures when reading mail, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Irina Varsinen an laynynay, saraz no arlet rastynay. (myself) (English) (Nederlands)