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From:Nik Taylor <fortytwo@...>
Date:Thursday, October 22, 1998, 3:25
I have recently begun work on a new conlang project.  I mentioned it in
passing a couple of times on this list.

Newlang (provisional name) is an isolating language.  It is also
monosyllabic, no polysyllabic roots at all.  Syllables fall into the
form CVC, with only a few (mostly gramatical) words of the CV type.
There are 39 consonants and 8 vowels.  The consonants are:
stops: ph, th, kh, qh, ?h, p, t, k, q, ?, b, d, g (ph = /p_h/, etc., q =
/q/, ? = /?/)
nasals: m, n, nh (palatal nasal), n~ (velar nasal)
fricatives: f, s, sh, c, x, v, z, zh, j, gh (c & j = palatal fricatives)
affricates: f', s', c', x', v', z', j', g' (f' = /pf/, s' = /ts/, c' =
/tS/, x' = /kx/, the others are the voiced versions)
approximates: w, y, l, r
In the written orthography, aspirated stops are indicated by a
circumflex over the consonant, glottal stop uses the IPA symbol, as does
the palatal and velar nasals, sh, zh, and gh also use the IPA symbols,
and affricates are indicated by the fricative with an acute over it (c'
& j' = esh and ezh + acute, g' = gamma-acute).

Vowels are i, e (/e/), e` (/E/), a` (/a/), a (/A/), o` (/O/), o (/o/),
u.  E` and o` are written with their IPA symbols.

I may soon put up some more info on the web, I'll announce it if I do.
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