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Re: CHAT: Is anybody here? Hello?

From:Tony Harris <tony.harris@...>
Date:Tuesday, February 9, 1999, 0:52
Daniel Baisden wrote:
> > In a message dated 2/7/99 10:30:54 AM Eastern Standard Time, > tony.harris@CCVTEST.CCV.VSC.EDU writes: > > > Well if nothing else, I'll use this opportunity for another plug for the > > Alurian Web Pages at . I > never > > did hear any feedback on the site after I mentioned it a couple weeks ago. > > Let me tell you now, I used this reference to find out way more about > mininations than I really wanted to know. I was grateful for learning it, > however, and merely neglected to be polite, (as usual), and thank you for it. >
Hmm. Is Aluria listed as a Mini-Nation then? Thats interesting! I would be quite interested in what links you followed, since I have no mini/micro nation links on the Alurian Web Site. Tony Harris Community College of Vermont