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Re: Names in a non-linear full-2d writing system

From:Remi Villatel <maxilys@...>
Date:Saturday, May 14, 2005, 0:02
Ray Brown wrote:

>>Why should one's name by phonetic?
Maybe just to be able to say "[Insert name here] did this or that"? Sai's name is very nicely drawn but it has a vocal translation of some sort because nobody can draw this glyph with his tongue in the air. LOL (Funny image... Sorry...) [---CUT---]
> As for wanting a phonetic sub-orthography in a non-linear semasiographic > fully 2d writing system, _I_ have expressed no such wish. I just queried > why Remi said " And it makes you feel like an Egyptian when it comes to > proper names.." It must imply that you might be phoneticizing proper names.
I just wish I had kept my mouth shut. Any way, I was talking about egyptian cartouches because Sai suggested to fuse the words of my semagrams into a single 2D glyph. When I thought about proper names, I thought immediatly about a rather phonetic way to write them, like an egyption cartouche, for example. I didn't say "for example" and the whole thread went nuts about Ancient Egypt and Pharaos.
> Most certainly, I would not want the Roman script as its conventions for > phoneticizing the script are so diverse.
[---CUT---] Neither would I.
> Should one wish a phonetic sub-orthography in such a system, it might be > better served by something more akin to Alexander Bell's "Visible Speech" > or the "Earth Language Phonetic System." It should be possible to have a > system whereby the elements of the phonetic sub-orthography combine to > 'automatically' form the logogram - sort of like the way Korean combines > phonemic elements to form quasi-syllabograms.
I was about to recommend IPA but if we're going to invent something new, I vote for a fusion of IPA with Hangeul layout. Definitively! And to make things clearer, we also should use the pronunciation of the name carrier, not one of the various natlang mispronunciations of foreign names. (We're gonna have a lot of fun learning "real" names of other countries.) By the way, just one question: Aren't we all following our way toward a 2D-IAL? I feel that we want our 2dWS to be so universal that it will end up being just like an IAL.
> How does one devise proper name logograms?
You take a sheet of paper, a pencil and you draw one. You can also hire a professional to create your personal logo, but it won't be cheap. ;-) -- ================== Remi Villatel ==================


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