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New vocab.: coins

From:John Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Monday, August 9, 2004, 6:24
In a message dated 8/4/04 8:27:20 PM Pacific Daylight Time, rfmilly@MSN.COM

<< On the way to the laundromat, I
 discovered colloq. Kash words for their various coins: >>

I was very interested to see the Kesh coin system, though (like a lot of the
conlangs) it seems to enjoy oddness for its own sake. Before seeing the Kesh
system, I had been working on developing coinage systems for Rihana/Pihana
(which being under the rule of the same dynasty most of the time use the same
coinage) and  for the nation the Rihana-ye call Hemana (native name Jasas).  The
coinage value ratios below derived from the general tendency of the Rihana-ye
culture to use 3, 9,18 and the Hemana-ye to use 10, 20, a matter I have also
been exploring in their calendars (as in the earlier calendar post). The
following is a brief description of the coins I wrote in Rihana-ye:

Veladiha By-i Diha
Coin First Part

Rihana ge Pihana-me veladiha-ye dy joha-fe jo-si.
Coldland and Hotland-in coin-of 3 forms are made.
Sefe joha-fe sefe la-fe-ke jo-si. Zila-ke
These forms these metals from are made. Copper-from
veladiha-fe-ye my diha-fe by yila-ke veladiha
coins-of 9 pieces 1 silver-from coin
velasajo-si. Yila-ke veladiha-fe-ye zy diha-fe by
are woth. Silver-from coins-of 18 pieces 1
lila-ke veladiha velasajo-si.
gold-from coin are worth.

Copied 8.8.04

Veladiha ky-i diha
Coin second part

Rihana-me zilidiha-ye vaja tetiba-ye by-i
Coldland-in goldpiece-of head overlord first
bada-ye vaja. Yiladiha-ye vaja tetika-ye
son's head. Silverpiece-of head queen-of
vaja. Liladiha-ye vaja tetiba-ye vaja.
head. Goldpiece-of head overlord-of head.
Rihana-ye ziladiha Tivada-ye sevaroha ge
Coldland's coperpiece Childgod's name and
tibada-ye sevaroha se ha-te, yiladiha
prince's name this thing-on, silverpiece
-te tivaka-ye sevaroha ge tetika-ye
-on goddess's name and queen's
sevaroha, ge liladiha-te tivaba-ye sevaroha
name, and goldpiece-on Mangod's name
ge tetiba-ye sevaroha.
and overlord's name.
Hemana-me ny ziladiha-fe by yiladiha jelejo.
Desert-in 10 copperpieces 1 silverpiece equal,
ge zy ge ky yiladiha-fe by liladiha jelejo.
and18 and 2 silverpieces 1 gold piece equal.
Fufe Hemana-ye veladiha-fe Tivaba-ye vaja
All Desert-of coins Mangod's head
veladiha-ye vaja. Sepe tivika-ye ge tetiba-ye
coin's head. But high priest's and overlord's
sevaroha-fe fufe veladiha-fe-te.
names all coins-on.

revised and copied 8.8.04

John Leland