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Conworld language sound inventory

From:Geijss Streijde <gijsstrider@...>
Date:Sunday, January 27, 2008, 13:07
I am working on my own conworld, and am in the process of making
languages for this world. For the ancestor languages of the draconic
languages, I'd like to hear what you think of this sound inventory.

*Old draconic*
Single vowels
[i]  = /i/
[E]  = /e/
[a]  = /a/
[o]  = /o/
[u]  = /u/
[@]  = /y/
[&i] = /ei/
[Ai] = /ai/
[oi] = /oi/
[ui] = /ui/
[Vu] = /ou/
Single consonants
[f]  = /f/
[s]  = /s/
[x]  = /g/
[p]  = /p/
[t]  = /t/
[k]  = /k/
[n]  = /n/
[N]  = /m/
Allowed consonant clusters
[sx] = /ks/ (Start of syllable only)
[ks] = /x/
[pt] = /pt/ (End of syllable only)
[Nk] = /mk/ (End of syllable only)
_Syllable structure_
Initial syllables have to start with a consonant (cluster). A word
consists of 1-4 syllables, stress rests on the last syllable.


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