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Re: CHAT: "have a nice day"

From:John Cowan <jcowan@...>
Date:Monday, March 6, 2000, 15:09
yl-ruil wrote:

> I trust you know that chips are what you get at Fish 'n' Chip Shops and are > sometimes called by poor benighted schismatics "fries". Personally, I like > my chips with brown sauce. > Crisps are what come in packets with labels like "Ready Salted" or "Salt and > Vinegar".
ga'i (Lojban hauteur attitudinal) Yes, I am aware of this foolish whim of British nomenclature. (Irish, Ozite, Ennzedd, they're all Brits to me.) I reiterate that chips, or French fries, or pommes frites, or whatever you like to call them, are to be eaten with salt. Only. All other sophistications are repugnant to the nature of the potato. As for "brown sauce", it seems to be still true that the English have 365 religions and only one sauce. You may perhaps find two or three, but this does not refute my general assertion. My favorite line from _Lolita_, one of Humbert Humbert's reflections on American fast-food cuisine: They call those fries "French", _mon Dieu_! (Humor *not* marked.) -- Schlingt dreifach einen Kreis vom dies! || John Cowan <jcowan@...> Schliesst euer Aug vor heiliger Schau, || Denn er genoss vom Honig-Tau, || Und trank die Milch vom Paradies. -- Coleridge (tr. Politzer)