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Re: CHAT: "have a nice day"

From:Robert Hailman <robert@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 7, 2000, 22:34
Eric Christopherson wrote:
> > Eric Christopherson wrote: > > > Also, if you don't use it, what do you say (in English) to wish > > someone a > > > nice day? "Good day?" > > > > To me, "Good day" suggests a proper Englishman of the 19th century who > > is too proper to say anything other than "Good day, sir" when he gets > > angry. > > I'm sorry, but I'm just not getting it. If "have a nice day" is offensive, > what is a NONoffensive way to convey the same thing? And what makes it > offensive (or is it just something like broccoli that one doesn't like for > no apparent reason)? >
I don't see what makes it offensive, but I respect the wishes of people who do. Why offend someone if you know how to avoid it. Besides, all people are irrational in some way, although it's not always obvious. -- Robert