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Re: OT Re: Old French

From:Jeff Jones <jeffsjones@...>
Date:Monday, July 15, 2002, 22:14
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Thanks, Stephen!
I don't think I'd want to imitate ammonium ... could it be something as
prosaic as records room?


On Sun, 14 Jul 2002 02:54:20 +0000, Stephen Mulraney
<ataltanie@...> wrote:

>> While we're on this topic (The Dead Lady, not Old French I mean), I have >> a question for the Chinese experts (if any are reading this): >> Besides being German for beginning, I've always wondered if "Anfang" >> could also be a Chinese word of some kind. C.S. knew Chinese (Mandarin I >> think) as well as German. > >I'm not expert, but I do have a dictionary. Under "an" it lists 14 >characters, and 11 under "fang". I don't know the context, so take your >pick. Briefly, they mean something like: > >an1: assign, install | where, how | saddle | ammonia | know well | hut, > nunnery | quail (n.) >an3: I, exclusive we | ammonium >an4: record, file, legal case | push, restrain, in accordance with; note > (n.) gloomy | dull, dim, hidden, hazy | bank, shore, coast > >fang1: square; direction, method, prescription, just (about) | fragrant; > virtue >fang2: house, room (the most familiar "fang" word) | workshop, mill | > defence | hinder >fang3: visit | imitate, resemble | boat | spin >fang4: put, place; let go; give off; shoot; blossom, open; put out to > pasture; expend; readjust somewhat; show, play, film (what a word!). > >where the numbers indicate the tone. It might help to know that in >chinese, the compounding order is modifier-modified. The dictionary also >lists (polysyllabic) words, under their first character. There's one >"anfang" listed, meaning "lay, place", which is the > second "an" (where, how)
> plus the final "fang". Personally I'd go for "imitating ammonium". > >stephen


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