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Etymology of English 'black'

From:Emily Zilch <emily0@...>
Date:Sunday, June 6, 2004, 18:55
{ 20040606,0915 | Danny Wier }

"Arabic _lahab_ 'flame' might be related by a stretch of the
imagination; there would've had to have been metathesis, maybe *blh >
lhb. I doubt it seriously. Maybe _balq_ 'mica' might be a better
candidate, since mica is a shiny and smooth mineral."

And because [bh] is a UNITARY phoneme.

Sorry, don't mean to sound harsh, but there is no evidence (AFAIK) of
any metathesis happening involving PIE "aspirates" treating their
aspiration as separate bits.



Danny Wier <dawiertx@...>