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¡I! I'm New. (Aryezi)

From:Akhilesh Pillalamarri <valardil@...>
Date:Monday, October 13, 2003, 0:52
Hello all. I am new to the conlang group. I have made a language called Aryezi,
which happens to be in the same world (I made up a world for my language) as
Hloneno, which is the language of one of the members of this conlang group.
Though I have been making languages for a long time, it didn't occur to me that
such groups as these existed for a while. ¡I! is the Aryezi greeting. I hope
this group will be good and linguistically exciting. Please send me additional
information; possibly this group has a website?

Khor (not my real name, it means "Lord" in Aryezi){am I supposed to use my real name?}

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