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Re: Another Orthography Question

From:lucasso <lucasso@...>
Date:Saturday, November 21, 1998, 19:22
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Od: Frank George Valoczy <valoczy@...>
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Data: 19 listopada 1998 03:44
Temat: Another Orthography Question

>Okay. I'm back active after a long time. > >I've begun wotking on a new language, whose Anglicised name is Quryak. >I'm developing the phonology tright now, but I need some help. I want t=
>know what are the IPA/SAMPA for (IE, how to show in ASCII) > >nasalised vowels >o-slash (computer, how?) >inverted lower case e (again, how to show in ascii)(NOT schwa!) >voiced interdental fricative >voiceless " " >voiced velar fricative >voiced welsh "ll" >voiceledd welsh "ll" >voiced strident apico-alveolar fricative trill (Czech r-hachek) >voiceless palatal stop (IPA [c]) >voiced palatal stop (IPA barred undotted j) >IPA inverted w >glottal stop >ejective k >ejective t >ejective p >unreleased k >unreleased t >unreleased p >clicks: Zulu x >click: Zulu q > >Once I have all these, I can give some examples. >Beyond that, the other sounds: > >Vowels: > >a & e i I o o-slash u y inverted-e > >all of which can occur nasalised > >Consonants (in no particular order) > >dZ >tS >edh >thorn >gamma >x >j >l >voiced "ll" >"ll" (Welsh) >m >n >N (eng) >r >r-hachek >z >s >Z >S >voiceless palatal stop >voiced palatal stop >w >inverted w >glottal stop (some Canadian Native langs use 7) >ejective k >ejective t >ejective p >unreleased k >unreleased t >unreleased p >k >t >p >Zulu q (click) >Zulu x (click)
what about it: a few IPA->ASCII transcriptions -- (