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Re: /k/ in i.t.a.

From:Joe <joe@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 17, 2004, 7:19
Garth Wallace wrote:

> Ray Brown wrote: > >> >> I also discovered yesterday that the earliest known attempt at English >> spelling reform was by a monk called Ormm (or Ormmin) in about 1200 CE. >> But the vast majority of reform proposals seem to belong to the past >> three >> centuries. I wonder how many there are. More than 1000? > > > Could you contribute something on him to Wikipedia? Perhaps in the > spelling reform article? <> >
Orm was, essentially, starting English completely anew (I think he was one of the earliest writers of Middle English) - the only other major English text at the time would have been the Peterborough Chronicle, which was written in a kind of Old English. This was a phonetic application of the old spellings to Middle English. The first line: "Þiss boc iss nemmnedd. orrmulum; / Forr þi þatt orrm itt wrohhte./" /This book is called 'Ormulum', because Orm made it. / /