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Hemana-ye Verbs also Apology to the List

From:John L. Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Sunday, February 1, 2004, 23:24
This is material on the new verb system for Jases Lalal (called in Rihana-ye,
Hemana-ye). Previously there was just one verb ending, y. one day recently I
came up with
a lot more.I am not sure that using vowels to distinguish 1,2,3 person is
really a good idea--they might not be heard clearly in pronunciation. All this
should be considered
John Leland

Jases Lalel Valalah
Fatherland-of Language-of Verbs
Hemana-ye Joveroha-fe-che
Desert-of Verbs-about

Vowel used for person in final syllable
of root form and in all suffixed forms:
first person: y
second person: e
third person: a

Consonant used as tense or other marker:
present: none
future: n
past: j
imperfect: v
pluperfect: p

other markers:
imperative: s
negative: r
intimate: t
plural: h

Precedence in Combinations:

1) plural if applicable (h)
(H is the only one of these which
is followed by an additional vowel
when it is in final position)
2) intimate if applicable (t)
3) tense if applicable (j,p,n, or v)
(only one of these used in a given construction)
4) passive if applicable (m)
5) imperative or hortative if applicable (s or z)
6) negative if appliable (r)

Root: babty: I love:
1) babtyhy: we love: indicative
2) babtyt: I loveth: indicative intimate
3) babtyj: I loved:
   babtyp: I have loved:
   babtyn: I will love:
   babtyv: I had loved:
4) babtym: I am loved: pres.sing.passive
5) babtys: I must love pres.sing. active.imperative?
(not exactly imperative in first person)
     babtyz: I should love
(not exactly hortative in first person)
6) babtyr: I do not,negative

More complex combinations are of course possible:
we should not have been loved (intimate).
(collective confession by an unfaithful harem to its master)
Note intimate can be compatible with plural.

John Leland

After I had prepared this, I noticed I already had 9 other messages of mine
up waiting to go onto the list, so presumably when it is freed you will have
a batch of 10 messages from me of very varying degrees of significance,some
quite trivial. I apologize if this seems like overkill on an already
overburdened list.
My situation is that my wife objects to my using the family computer (which
is also the only phone line) for long stretches each day for conlanging, which
means I usually do it on weekends when she is visiting her father. This
weekend more messages than usual (over 500 messages) had accumulated, and I also had
more time than usual, so I went through and sent more messages than usual. I
did not realize until I reached the end that 10 of my messages (written
gradually over two days) had piled up waiting to go on. Hereafter I will try to be
more careful not to do too many separate messages in a short time. I appreciate
the recently posted advice about ways to avoid this.
John Leland