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Saprutum compounds

From:Pavel A. da Mek <pavel.adamek@...>
Date:Thursday, May 3, 2001, 9:31

>>(where and when it was spoken)? >briefly unspecified Atlantic islands
Yes, there are many lost islands there: Mayda, Breasil, Isle of St. Brandan, Seven Cities ...
>Do you have a grammar of Mekhtyish?
There are some sketch web pages about it, but they are in Czech and I have not found time to translate them into English yet. ------ Compounds:
>> 1) "apposition" adjective, which means "the one who is an ...", > This one just doesn't ring true.
I had been probably misled with examples
> ?admu.tawbum - a good person > yekalbu.sawdum - the black dog;
Now I would expect ?admu.tawibum - a good person yekalbu.sawidum - the black dog because
> yekalbu.sawdu.kabirum - the big black dog;
seems unsystematic; I would expect either "yekalbu.sawidu.kabirum" or "yekalbu.sawdu.kabrum"
>> while "?admu.kalibum" is a man attending dogs > That would probably be "man of dogs" : "?admu_kalbiyim"
Or maybe "?admu_lekalibum" "man for dogs"?
>> (paradigm: kalbu.#animum - a sheep-dog) > Hmm, I'm beginning to regret this example, > "kalbu.le#animun" might have been better, "a dog for sheep"
Then maybe "baytu-le?adimum" "a house for men", "dwelling house", instead of "baytu-?adimum"; and "daltu.lebayitum" "a door for house" instead of "daltu.bayitum". and "kalbu.lebayitum" "a dog for house" instead of "kalbu.bayitum".
>we?ilahu.#animum - "the divine sheep???"
Maybe "constellation Aries", and we?ilahu.tawirum - "constellation Taurus"
>> "domestic dog, dog living with men". >Yes, but "kalbu.bayitum" - 'household dog' is clearer.
Unless a flea uses "kalbu.bayitum" in the sense "a residential dog" :-) Pavel