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Christophe & others: Japanese "Manga/Anime TeknoJaplish,"_gairaigo_, _wasei-eigo_, neologisms, etc.

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Sunday, December 21, 2003, 8:40
    Hiya CHristophe G. & others knowledgable about Japanese "Manga/Anime
TeknoJaplish,"_gairaigo_, _wasei-eigo_, neologisms, etc.,  I'd like to have more
info (including old CONLANG postings) re: this stuff. I recall that C.G. posted
on these subject matters a few times (& also - AFAIR - Teoh, Kou, Hermann
Miller, & Mathias, too).

    BTW! I recently discovered a nice coincidence:

    I have mentioned before that the German word for "noise" _Geräusch_ is
derived from _rauschen_ "the sound of the wind," related to _Rausch_ "ecstasy,
intoxication" hinting at some of the possible aesthetic, bodily effects of
noise in music.
    In Japanese Romaji: _uchu_ = "universe"... _uchoten_ =  "ecstasty,"
"raputure"..._uchujin_ = [space] alien!

    A really neat example of "Manga/Anime TeknoJaplish" neologism and
borrowing/combining forms is _meka dezain_ ("mecha-design"), which is closely linked
semantically to _zeneiteki_ - "avant-garde futuristic-design" - and somewhat
to _datsuzoku_ - "surprise in creativity" - and to the concept of _wabi_ -
"solitary; concept of less is more & better; fresh & new, contemporary, "HiTech
High Touch," ... AND _sabi_ - "beauty in age, patina; venerable," etc..
    The intriguing concept behind _meka dezain_: techno-erotic "tactile
design" rather than the EuroAmericanized aesthetics of mere appearance(s),
stylization, "looks," a trendoid Postmodern hipness blatantly consumerist & hedonistic
trapped in spectacle, pastische, nostalgia, kitsch and simulacra , etc....
_meka dezain_ is a hypermodernization of the _wabi-sabi_ aesthetic, intensely
informed by an underlaying Zen world-view that descended from Taoist _yin_ and
_yang_ philosophical ideas and Taoist-influenced Chinese Ch'an Buddhism.

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