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Name of my conlang

From:H. S. Teoh <hsteoh@...>
Date:Monday, May 20, 2002, 18:20
After much consideration (and much procrastination), I have decided that
the Ebisedi, the speakers of my conlang, will not have a name for their
own language. Rather, they will refer to it as:

        ni 3bis33'di d3 3t3mii'

Which means, "The language of the people". Literally, it means "the words
in the people". I.e., as opposed to "the words of the people" -- the
latter, rendered as _ni 3bis33'd0 d3 3t3mii'_, would mean "the words that
the people speak". The idiom here is that the words spoken *out* by the
people are merely words; but the words *in* the people are the language
itself -- that inherent thing which gives rise to the spoken words.

As a result of this decision, the English name for my conlang would not be
based on any particular term in the language itself. I will, henceforth,
use an Anglicized term derived from the name of the people:

Yes, this looks infinitely ugly from the POV of my conlang's native
speakers; but it is an Anglicization, to be used only in foreign
languages, and is thus excusable. As far as the Ebisedi themselves are
concerned, there is only
        ni 3bis33'di d3 3t3mii'.


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