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Re: THEORY: A possible Proto-World phonology

From:Marcus Smith <smithma@...>
Date:Friday, June 30, 2000, 3:48
Brad Coon wrote:

>You know, for me, a lot of the fun has gone out of mocking ing "Amerind" >and Greenberg. The work is so bad it kind of feels like picking >on some helpless and weak person.
Yes indeed. I also quit paying attention to that a while ago. I did my Quenay-Sindarin-Amerind stuff right after I read _Language in the Americas_, about a year ago now. A sad piece of work. I have to be glad I read it though, because it got me into Native American languages. I realized what tripe it was from the beginning, and went to talk to one of the professors in my department about it. I ended up taking her class "An Introduction to Native American Languages", started studying Chickasaw with her, and am entering grad school next Fall with a stated focus on Native American syntax -- mainly endangered (that's most of them) and polysynthetic languages. I can give partial credit to Greenberg for that, I guess; though of course, most the credit should go to my Prof. Marcus