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Re: THEORY: A possible Proto-World phonology

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 28, 2000, 16:33
On Wed, 28 Jun 2000 17:49:10 +0200 Lars Henrik Mathiesen
<thorinn@...> writes:
> Positing that all human languages descend from a single recent > ancestor is an excellent base for creating a conlang. >
> Lars Mathiesen (U of Copenhagen CS Dep) <thorinn@...> (Humour > NOT marked)
- I just remembered that i (sorta) did that once. My conlang "Mother Language" (no native name) consists of one two-word phrase and one name from an unfinished story i wrote about three years ago called _Blood Vengeance_. The phrase is _pleknu gamna-zoh_ "Those Who Fell From Stars", and the name is _agha'shu_ "Monster-Destroyer". Based on this small corpus, the sounds seem to be: [ p l E k n u g a m n z A<w> G S ] (where /A<w>/ is rounded, low, and back) with possibly underlying / h s j ? / These have been co-opted into Rokbeigalmki to yeild the words _plek_ "fall", _ool[]-_ (adj-vrb prefix), _gamnuh_ "star", and _sughel_ "monster". -Stephen (Steg) "i gave my life to become the person i am right now. was it worth it?"