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Re: THEORY: A possible Proto-World phonology

From:Dan Jones <yl-ruil@...>
Date:Friday, June 30, 2000, 15:21
BP Jonsson ewekwet:
> > At 17:15 28.6.2000 -0700, Vima Kadphises wrote: > > >. "Laryngealism" in Semitic seems to be an Arabic innovation (which then > >spread to Aramaic and some dialects of Hebrew); the vogue these > days is to > >reconstruct these consonants as ejectives, as they appear in Ethiopic and > >(to the best of anyone's knowledge) in Akkadian and NorthWest Semitic. > > And in Egyptian, which is outside Semitic but still inside Afroasiatic. > > > The problem is that most Semitists reconstruct Proto-Semitic along > > the lines of Arabic. To listen to some of us, you would think that > > Arabic *is* Proto-Semitic. > > I heard recently that some "minor" languages of Ethiopia may be > the closest > to PS. Is this widely held? IMO it's under suspicion to be a fallacious > parallel to the probably correct view that some (all) Cushitic lgs are > closer to the ancestor of the "Afro"(*) branch of Afroasiatic -- which > means only that (Middle) Egyptian and the lgs of the Maghreb are more > distant from the ancestor, which seems a non-controversial assumption.
For PIe we have the fable owis ekwos-kwe, is there anythin similar in PS? If there is, could someone share it with us? ------------------------------------------------------------- Lo deu nu preca êl'aisún necoui. God prays at noone's altar. Dan Jones: -------------------------------------------------------------