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Re: Unaspirated vs. Voiceless

From:Kristian Jensen <kljensen@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 9, 1999, 21:52
Raymond Brown wrote:

>At 6:57 pm +0100 9/3/99, Kristian Jensen wrote: >>To my understanding, the so called aspirated trill in Welsh for >>instance is in fact simply a voiceless trill. From what I have >>heard of Welsh, there is a spread glottis, but the delay in >>voicing is not long enough in my opinion to be called a truly >>aspirated trill. Perhaps that's just me, and I'm NOT an expert on >>Welsh. I would say, however, that they indeed must exist >>somewhere. > >I sounds pretty aspirated to me. All the Welsh I've heard make the >aspiration very strong; indeed, where there's been "noise" I've >sometimes heard only /h/. The north Walians are pretty good with >their trills and that generally remains; but as Sally has observed >in the south in /rh/ the trill is often no more than a flap and the >_aspiration_ almost "drowns it out".
Hmmm... Then maybe I heard a variant where I thought I heard an /h/ when in fact I was hearing an aspirated trill. That is, a variant where the aspiration has "drowned out" the trill entirely. Like I said, I'm no Welsh expert. The only Welsh I have heard was on a TV movie some time ago. -kristian- 8-)