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Re: A proposal to bring together the conlang communities <kevinurbanczyk@...>
Date:Thursday, January 31, 2008, 20:33

> Hi! > > Jörg Rhiemeier writes: > >... > > The CONLANG list is much nicer, even if I feel that it has been > > rather quiet and leaning towards engelanger dominance lately. > >... > > I really hope I haven't posted too wildly about my own engelangs here > -- I do like to compare them to other people's concepts! :-) But I > must also say that I do not see this movement as we have seen many > conlang concepts here that are not engelangs.
As far as engelangs, I sure know Proto-Drem isn't I haven't really seen too many "engelangs", probably cause most are fairly naturalistic instead of aux-langish, which is generally a good thing. Probably the one thing that kinda makes me cringe is how IE "istic" most conlangs are, (which is probably why I don't even look at conlang grammars or phonology posts anymore).. probably cause most conlangers speak an IE lang, and so stick to thier roots instead of venturing into deeper water and take a risk on something completely different. But that usually takes time with people, and the 'regular' posters on CONLANG are pretty experienced, and so each adds thier own 'flavor' on conlang sounds and the 'feel' of them. And so most people that general post on CONLANG wouldn't be anything close to the typical "noob" that people snicker about.