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OT: "Rejected" Conlang Posts

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Sunday, October 31, 2004, 13:21
Whoa!  Just read Danny Weir's post, and Taliesin's reply.  This is what I
was going to send to the list, until I looked down the mailspool.  Yes, I'm
getting them, too, and I think someone has suddenly discovered our listserv
who has no interest in inventing languages.

---------------------------- Original letter:
For some reason, I have started receiving messages this weekend from the
mailer daemon telling me that I am not authorized to send messages to the
CONLANG list.  The most recent one is from a certain Julia D. Nadeau, whose
message is about how to enlarge one's virile member.  I wonder how it is
that my account is being used for this spam?  I have a firewall and spam
control.  If Ms. N, or whoever,  is the one sending the messages, why are
they coming to me?  is he/she trying to use my name and account??   Is
anybody else the victim of this trick?  They are taking up space in my