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Something else to translate

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Sunday, April 7, 2002, 5:18
We seem to be in the mood lately, so here are the last lines of a favorite
poem of mine, Indonesian Chairil Anwar's "Di Mesjid" (At the Mosque), a
dialogue between the poet and God.  I may have the first two lines, and the
adjectives in the last two, reversed; I couldn't find a text online.

In Indonesian:
yang satu gila
yang lain marah.

....Destroying each other,
hurling insults,
the one crazy
the other mad(angry)

...micaçakrum liya-liya,
niletu rumecut--
mesani hañukók
liyani mara-marak

mi-ca-çakrum liya-liya
1pl.-accid-destroy other-other

nile-tu rum-ecut
1pl-dat-refl. caus-dirty

mesa-ni  hañu-kok (properly hañukonga)
one-3s/poss.  soul-lost

liya-ni  mara-marak
other-3poss. (redupl.)angry