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Re: Retranslation

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Monday, February 25, 2002, 9:30
In a message dated 2002.02.24 02.15.32 AM, kalatunu@HOTMAIL.COM writes:

>however, i enjoy reading quarrels between auxlangers.
Yepyep it's the linguistics version of soap opera & talk show combined! :} Amusin' when you have nuthin' else to do... Mischief can be created by stirring one AuxLang faction against another ::wicked gigglefit:: >their fights about
>mandatory cases, genders, derivations and "international" vocabulary are >hilarious. i think "our" Czhang could help them.
*Urp!* uh oh... am I gettin' _volunteered_ again?
>let me see... > >Interauxlang Lesson One -- Food > >Text: > >Mi mawsklik gotu bilding mikdanol. Yu-mi mikdanol bigmakset gudgud. Hapitaym! >Burp. > >New Vocabulary: > >food : bigmak >restaurant : bilding mikdanol >to drink: kok (dialectal variant: pepsi) >pick, choose : klik, mawsklik >cheers! : burp
<SNiP of truly wonderful example *clap-clap*> ROTFLMAOSHIHLH (Rollin' On The Floor Laffin' Me Arse Off So Hard It Hurts Like Hades) hey that has a strikin' resemblance to one of my previous "mutant English Pidgins." ::stungun-shocked look:: Sacre Yves Klein Bleu! it sure bloody IS!!!! ;) MATHIAS!!!! , how the blazin' heck did you get your cheeky digits on my missin' Kaoz Pidjin Inglis notes??? ;) ;P }:) => Seriously now, Mathias' ImprovConLang (Improvized ConLang) has more than coincidental similarities to my Kaoz Pidjin Inglis. Must be that we both read and know similar Pidgin English [re]sources and materials :) and have overlapping language interests (i.e. a fondness for Bahasa Indonesian). czHANg23, Avatar of SunWuKong, a.k.a. "Monkey," a.k.a. "TricksterGod of the Han Chinese" ~ om hung hanumatay rudratmakai hung phat ~ ~~~ mantra to Hanuman the Hindu Monkey TricksterGod Hail to thee TricksterGods! IO THEE CHAOSGODHEAD!!! ~~~ thee Tru Priz ov Existenz iz Ætern'l Warfær 'n' Creativ Playf'llniz~~~ ~§~ by hook or by crook ~§~