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Workshops Review No.5 '04

From:Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Thursday, February 5, 2004, 21:13
REVIEW #5 Year 2004, the week from Jan 29 to Feb 04, GMT+02.
NOTE: The names of [persons] while mentioned first, are given in
square brackets, those of ~conlangs~ -- in tildes.

- 1 msg: does anyone know anything about the reconstructed Mohican
used in the last remake of "Last of the Mohicans"?

- 4 msg: Reconstructing Celtic articles.

East Asian Conlangs:
- 7 msg: Indonesian - a lang without verb tenses. How much
similarity is there between
Indonesian and Tagalog?

- 1 msg: [Santeri] joins Ill Bethisad.

silent (or already dead?)

- 43 msg (wow!).
- stratification of Romance vocabulary due to word origin;
- words for times;
- reflexes of VL -lt- cluster
Discussing projects:
~Slezan~ [Jan van Steenbergen] - stabilizing phonology results in a
GMP draft:
see <>;
~Wenedyk~ [Jan van Steenbergen] - comparing it with Slezan;
[Carl Edlund Anderson] is gathering facts for his ~pseudo-Latin~.
Chat: word generating computer programs and sound change engines.

- 27 msg:
Conlanging becomes a subject of academic researches! See at
~Old & New Vranian~ [Ferenc Valoczy]. How to develop ~Skuodian~
lexicon [Pavel Iosad]. New ideas for ~Nasica~ [Jan "Regis"]. [Isaac
Penzev] announces a new Slavi-Romance project: ~Karpacka~. A website
for reconstructed Prussian.

- 1 msg: [Santeri] joins Ill Bethisad.

West Asian Conlangs:
- 1 msg: <<Can anyone suggest good discussions of the origins of the
Semitic alphabet, particularly with reference to its acquisition of
character names from original pictographs?>>

That's all for now,
Peace and grace upon you all,
    -- Isaac Penzev (aka Yitzik)


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