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From:Pablo Flores <fflores@...>
Date:Thursday, October 15, 1998, 12:06
We haven't said much about pronouns (except, of
course, what applies to them because of being "nouns").
I think it's time to think about that. Personally I don't
go for a very complicate system, but at least it should
have an inclusive/exclusive distinction for 1st and 2nd
person plural.

2nd person plural "exclusive" would mean "y'all", the
*listeners* that are present. 2nd person plural "inclusive"
would mean more like "you people", the listeners and others
of their same kind, no matter if they're present or not.
(Well, if "one" is fourth person, this 2p+ would probably
be "second-and-a-half person" :)

And of course, the proximate/obviative distinction in the
third person; OR the three-step deixis marker I proposed
in my previous post.

What do you think?

--Pablo Flores