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Re: blatant self-promotion

From:Dirk Elzinga <dirk_elzinga@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 2, 2002, 18:02
At 5:37 PM +0100 03/29/02, daniel andreasson wrote:
>Dirk Elzinga wrote: > >> The Tepa grammar is complete again and can be found at > > Comments are >> welcome, as are acolades and offers of money. > >Okay. Here's an accolade: > >Tepa is actually the only conlang I've ever mistaken for >a natlang. What with the realistic detailed phonology and >the internal history, I'm _still_ not sure it's a conlang! :)
Trust me. I made it all up. Thanks for the kind words. Dirk -- Dirk Elzinga Man deth swa he byth thonne he mot swa he wile. 'A man does as he is when he can do what he wants.' - Old English Proverb