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Ferochromon: the Ebisedian conworld (fwd)

From:JS Bangs <jaspax@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 24, 2002, 19:15
I thought I'd save HS Teoh the trouble and forward this myself. It's quite
informative.  The only further complaint that I have is that the
con-physics are almost entirely conceptual and not at all mathematical,
which makes me suspicious. Physics just ain't right without some serious
number-crunching behind it.

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Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 19:04:09 -0400
From: H. S. Teoh <hsteoh@...>
To: JS Bangs <jaspax@...>
Subject: Re: Ferochromon: the Ebisedian conworld

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On Mon, Jul 22, 2002 at 01:50:57PM -0700, JS Bangs wrote:

> About the Ferochromon, it's an interesting set of strange phenomena. It > actually sounds like a fabulous setting for some sf or fantasy > writing--was that your intent?
Well, it actually arose out of a collection of story fragments that I made over time. And yes, it does have a lot of fantasy to it, though I'm not sure where you draw the line between sf and fantasy, if the laws of physics in this conworld are pretty ... fantastic. :-P It's sorta like fantasy-meets-SF.
> But it doesn't really answer my questions, because you don't say anything > about what causes these phenomena, nor about the underlying physical > differences between their world and ours. Without that, it does me little > good to know about all this weird stuff.
[snip] Well, I didn't want to flood the list with ramblings about an alternate physics that cause these phenomena to happen. I thought people might find it more interesting if I described the phenomena themselves, instead of rambling on about convergences, divergences, transmittances, etc.. But if you *really* must know... Ferochromon consists of quanta of space called _oo'si_ ["o:si], which contain matter, and which are influenced by the "forces", called _k3Tai'_ [k@\t_ha?i]. These "forces" acts both on the _oo'si_, warping it into a corresponding pattern, and on the matter contained in the _oo'si_, usually causing motion. Now, these three: space, matter, and "force", are not simple things; they have various "modes" of function, and different behaviour, based on their energetic state. In particular, the different "modes" of _oo'si_ give rise to different types of "spaces"; the mode that constitute the "space", the _kh0'si_, which I described in the message posted to CONLANG is one of the more stable configurations, where the _3kosii'_ (pl. of _oo'si) align with each other in a gridlock, regular pattern. This produces an approximately homogenous "space". Of course, when acted on by a _k3Tai'_, it will still warp accordingly. Another mode of _oo'si_, which one may think of as a "liquid" mode, constitute a higher dimensional "space", where the _oo'si_ are only somewhat aligned with each other. This higher dimensional "space", which I have temporarily called the "ether" for lack of a better word, exists alongside the _kh0'si_, and weakly interacts with it. For the most part, this interaction is insignificant. Although energetic matter do flow around in the "ether", the _kh0'si_ is impermeable to it because it has a different configuration of _oo'si_. When the "ether" near the _kh0'si_ contains large amounts of energetic matter, there may be an observable, more energetic behaviour in the _kh0'si_. But all of this is still not significant until the more energetic _k3Tai'_ in the "ether" interacts strongly with the _kh0'si_. With the right kind of interaction, the higher-energy _k3Tai'_ in the "ether" may sometimes "poke a hole" in the _kh0'si_, allowing matter to traverse between the "ether" and the _kh0'si_. (Actually, what really happens is that the _k3Tai'_ causes the _oo'si_ in the _kh0'si_ to change to a configuration compatible with the ether's _oo'si_ configuration, thus allowing free passage of matter between the two.) What happens next depends on what kind of _k3Tai'_ was involved in the interaction. Divergent _k3Tai'_ will cause the high-energy matter in the "ether" to be ejected into the _kh0'si_. (Matter in the ether often accumulate around the regions with high _k3Tai'_ activity.) Thus, a _Ka'l3ri_ is born. This passage of matter may become self-catalytic, which could result in a run-away reaction where the flow of matter becomes increasingly intense. This creates a _Ka'l3ri_ of the highly explosive variety. Varying degrees of explosiveness/tameness of the _Ka'l3ri_ may occur depending on how far this self-catalysm happens. Convergent _k3Tai'_, OTOH, will draw matter in the _kh0'si_ towards the point of interaction, creating a _vyy'i_. Depending on the nature of interaction, this may be a slow, weak _vyy'i_, probably safe for the Ebisedi to use as garbage disposal, or it may be a self-catalytic _vyy'i_ which may grow to gigantic sizes and swallow entire _3kacorii'_. Matter drawn into the ether this way may or may not become part of the other free-moving matter in the ether; depending on the source of the _k3Tai'_, this matter may be drawn into another "layer" of _oo'si_. (But this is unimportant w.r.t. the phenomena that occur in the _kh0'si_ itself, so we'll just leave it at this.) Transmittant _k3Tai'_ may also create _Ka'l3ri_ and _vyy'i_ with slightly different properties. Mostly, it is centered around the pure transfer of matter between the ether and the _kh0'si_. Other interactions are possible. Regions of concentrated _k3Tai'_ activity (not necessarily the kind that produces _Ka'l3ri_ and _vyy'i_) in the ether may cause nearby _kh0'si_ to become energetic. This causes regions of "disturbance" in the _kh0'si_, which is the _K0'n0ri_. Often, this energetic state of the _kh0'si_ is much more permeable to the bombarding matter in the ether; thus, it often has the appearance of a cloud or a field of fire. (On that note, "fire" in Ferochromon is not necessary anything analogous to the oxidation process in our world; it is _K0'ni_, which is in fact a particular energetic state of matter.) Yet another interaction, involving a self-sustaining transmittant _k3Tai'_ acting parallel to the hyperplane of the _kh0'si_, causes a "tunnel" to be produced between two points on the _kh0'si_. At either end, self-catalytic processes cause the _oo'si_ in the _kh0'si_ to become a permeable "entrance" into the ether. This is the _jyy'i_. Depending on the nature of the interactions at the endpoints, the "entrances" may be constant or periodic, or just erratic. The reason the _jyy'i_ are fraught with peril is because this "tunnel" interaction is rather susceptible to interference; slight changes in the ether around this tunnel may cause the "tunnel" to be disrupted while a traveller is traversing it, causing the traveller to be stranded in the ether; or it may be altered so that it connects with a different destination point; or it could just denegerate into a destructive interaction, such as a small-scale _K0'nori_, and cause severe injury and death. At any rate, this somewhat explains most of the large-scale phenomena in Ferochromon. :-) There is still a whole lot about how matter ejected from the _Ka'l3ri_ coalesces into a _kacoo'ri_, etc., but I'll save that for another time. T -- There are three kinds of people in the world: those who can count, and those who can't.


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