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From:Josh Brandt-Young <neonwave7@...>
Date:Friday, July 16, 1999, 4:50
I've just recently noticed myself doing something somewhat odd (odd
because I was a fervent prescriptive grammar nazi for very many years):
I'm producing constructions that the average English speaker would deem
incorrect; and what's more, my brain tells me that the way I'm doing it
*is* correct. Examples:

"Sang" has dropped out of existence in my speech. My brain insists on
"sung" for the simple past tense.

Somewhat similarly, "drunk" and "swum" have almost disappeared, being
replaced very often by "drank" and "swam." I sometimes do the same with
"ran" as a past participle.

Really weird: the other day when my mother asked my how much of something
I wanted for dinner, I caught myself replying, "Any much would be all

And like I said, it isn't as if I don't know proper English grammar: I
can still write perfectly normally. My brain just seems to be instituting
a program of very rapid language change for no particular reason. Has
anyone else run into anything of the kind?

Josh Brandt-Young <neonwave7@...>
"After the tempest, I behold, once more, the weasel."
(Mispronunciation of Ancient Greek)

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