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Three Stop Series

From:Chris Bates <chris.maths_student@...>
Date:Friday, June 10, 2005, 18:29
I'm trying to have a series of three stops in my poor conlang, which has
had more operations and transplants now than my great grandmother. At
the moment the sound changes I had produced a simple aspirated vs
unaspirated system that changed into a voicing based system. If however,
I make the historical sound changes instead:

...VSCV... -> V?CV -> VC'V

Where S represents a stop, and C any consonant. THe protolang only
distinguishes stops by POA... and I'm using ' wrongly to represent
glottalization (not ejectives! Which are distinct... well, all ejectives
are glottalized, but not all glottalized stops are ejectives) cause I
don't know the X-SAMPA for glottalization.
On top of this I have:

coda s -> h (a merger, since coda h already exists in the protolang)

....VhCV.... -> VC_hV if C is a stop or fricative
-> VC_0V if C is a nasal or approximant

The main allophones of the remaining unmodified stops, which tend to get
voiced intervocally anyway, then become voiced, so each POA for the
stops has three distinct stops: voiced, aspirated and glottalized. These
sound changes also give me an extra set of aspirated fricatives and
voiceless nasals and approximants, and glottalized everything else also.


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